Omesi new track Let Me Go is out now!
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Omesi new track Let Me Go is out now!

Omesi Abulu is a Nigerian singer-songwriter based in Boston who is set to make waves in the alternative R&B music scene with the release of his latest single ‘Let Me Go’ following the success of his viral song ‘Monami’.


He is an emerging music talent who is gearing up for the most significant year of his career to date. Driven by his creative exploration of new sounds and desire to establish a stronger connection with his audience, Omesi Abulu is eager to share ‘Let Me Go’ with his listeners.

Omesi Abulu skillfully combines aspects of genre-bending music with multifaceted musicianship in his songs. His unique voice and powerful phrases show off his potential as he skillfully delivers epic songs.


Following an online listen to the instrumental, Omesi Abulu travelled to Phoenix Down Recording in Boston to begin recording ‘Let Me Go’. His backing vocals are the most experimental he has ever done, and he hits a lot of bluesy chords that make the song shine.


The alternative R&B styles present infuse contemporary flair with an upbeat production. The result is an inventive and flavourful listen serving as a vibrant addition to his music discography.


‘Let Me Go’ transports listeners into a realm of fascinating soundscapes. With a wide variety of songs that showcase his whole spectrum of musical inspirations surrounding strong genre-blend foundations, Omesi Abulu demonstrates his ability to move across genres with elegance and ease. This single embodies his essence as a musician and artist.


On the release, Omesi Abulu shares, “‘Let Me Go’ is a celebration of a new start.”


With ‘Let Me Go’, Omesi Abulu establishes himself as a force to be reckoned with in the alternative R&B landscape, signalling the start of an exciting journey ahead.


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