Oscar Martin’s Solo Vol. 2 Graphic Novel Review

Oscar Martin’s Solo Vol. 2 Graphic Novel Review

Solo is going through a journey in this next issue that will help make him a become a better rat in this chaos of the world. During a hunt, the decoys had a bit of trouble when apes showed up and stole Alba. While this was going on, one of the preys came out and took out the apes while almost destroying the whole group. Once home, a friend of Lyra’s past shows up and stays at their home. Fearing that Lyra will leave him for the friend, Solo ventures off to find himself.

While he ventures off, we see that the humans are trying to find out ways to combat their hunger. They are thinking of ways to make sure they can feed their population through a radical idea. This idea would effect Solo and his other refugee of rats.

Solo then meets someone that offers him shelter but offers way more. This person is his brother and reintroduces him to his father. Once they meet and talk, this helps put things in prospective for Solo and his current life. What happens next is the journey that Solo needs to solidify his worthiness in this chaos of world.

This issue feels like your watching a movie unfold with a character like Solo! You watch as he grows into a better rat while confronting some scary things in life. He becomes that warrior that he needs to be and possibly leader for his kind. I enjoyed the writing of this issue as well as the art as well. Fantastic read!

Get copy of Solo Vol. 2 Graphic Novel here: https://titan-comics.com/c/1652-oscar-martins-solo-vol-2/

Creator: Oscar Martin

Publisher: Titan Comics

Hardcover $24.99/£21.99

On sale: July 2021

ISBN: 9781782763352



About the author: Oscar Martin is best known for his work on as an artist and writer of ‘Tom and Jerry’ comics, have been published in both Europe and the USA. He has also done a variety of comics for the French Disney magazine Le Journal de Mickey. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Warner Bros for his work on the ‘Tom and Jerry’ series in 2002.