JB Elwood Shares His Debut Album Lost In My Ways, Exploring His Life Experiences

JB Elwood Shares His Debut Album Lost In My Ways, Exploring His Life Experiences

Austin, TX – Singer and guitarist JB Elwood has officially released his new album entitled Lost In My Ways. The collection of tracks takes the listener on a journey through Elwood’s life and the moments that made him the person he is today. Stream and download Lost In My Ways on all platforms worldwide.

JB Elwood’s new nine-track album is a testament to his creativity and pure talent for music, melding together pop, alternative, and rock sounds. The title track, “Lost In My Ways,” originally released as a single, expresses the notion that we don’t always know what someone may be going through, and to move through life with empathy for others. The story follows an alcoholic struggling with his addiction and attempting to find the light at the end of the tunnel. “Deep” gives off classic roots, folk, and country vibes with exciting instrumentals and an upbeat, high-energy chorus. The lyrics dig deep, talking about taking a relationship for granted and realizing you messed up when it’s too late. The intimate and pulled-back bridge beautifully transitions into the final, intensely passionate chorus. “Night to Day” showcases steady guitar picking, allowing the listener to focus on Elwood’s smooth vocals and really feel the power in his voice, as he sings, “The night is young, I see your face and pray, This moment will stay, We can try, We can hide, It’s our world, It’s our world tonight, From night to day.” JB Elwood writes about the rollercoaster of emotions that come with falling in love and the excitement of meeting someone by chance. The song is the perfect breath of fresh air, illustrating a pure moment of love. Elwood gives his take on the album, “Lost In My Ways, is a collection of my life experiences and how these experiences have molded me into the person that I am today. These songs are the soundtrack to my life and now I hope that they can become the soundtrack to yours as well. My debut album tells stories of regret, adventure, redemption, sadness, love, heartbreak, and self-discovery.” Lost In My Ways was produced, mixed, and mastered by Andrew Middleton.

JB Elwood pulls inspiration from his nomadic upbringing, with Appalachian roots and originally hailing from the Midwest. The singer and guitarist is now settled in Austin, Texas, a city that feels perfectly fitting for him and his craft. His love for music blossomed quickly as a child, first picking up the violin, then discovering rock and roll and gravitating towards playing the guitar. Elwood was inspired by his grandfather’s love for music and was eventually gifted his 1960s Gibson Dove acoustic guitar, which quickly became his prized possession. His name pays tribute to his grandfather on his father’s side, John Elwood Ball, an entrepreneur who always put a smile on everyone’s face. JB Elwood’s music expresses his vulnerability and love for family, delving into profound memories that molded him as a person. He has been praised for his enticing and empowering melodies by notable outlets, including V13, Music Connection, and Songwriting Magazine.

Lost In My Ways is a passionate and vulnerable collection of tracks highlighting JB Elwood’s impressive talent and versatility. Each song tells a different story about his life, giving the audience a chance to relate and feel a closer connection with Elwood. You can stream Lost In My Ways on all platforms now, and don’t forget to follow JB Elwood on Instagram and TikTok @jbelwoodmusic and check out his website JBElwoodMusic.com.


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