Tin Hearts PS5 Review

Embark on a series of lemmings-like puzzles to relive the captivating and emotional story of a genius inventor, Albert J. Butterworth, whilst guiding a troop of tin soldiers to reach their goal. Critically acclaimed for its moving narrative, refined puzzle design, and immersive atmosphere, Tin Hearts is a narrative puzzle adventure where the ghosts of the past emerge to tell a resonating tale of family, love, and compromise.

We were able to get a digital review copy of Tin Hearts for our Playstation 5 console. Of course, we will add this to our Holiday Gift Guide as well! The game downloaded pretty fast to our PS5 and wasn’t too hefty in size. The game is soooo good! The puzzles, the music, the graphics, and the story just captured our hearts. Tin Hearts brings out a fun approach to solving puzzles, even when it can be very BIG! I thought it was very creative, fun, different.

Our Thoughts


  • Soundtrack
    • Music in any game should bring alive the surroundings of the story and the emotions of characters. In Tin Hearts, the soundtrack brought alive characters that you feel so deeply for. You feel for Mr. Soldier, the other soldiers, Albert, and more. Those characters you interact and learn about their story throughout the game is captivating. The composer of the game did an amazing job capturing the emotions of the characters while bringing the surroundings alive!
  • Best Puzzles to solve Ever!
    • I’m not a big into solving a lot of puzzles while playing a game. I know this can be too difficult for myself to solve and eventually lose interest in the game. Tin Hearts, thought, changed my mind on how brilliant and well built the puzzles are done in each Act. The puzzles emulate with the story to the point where the puzzles flow very well and be solved with creativity. They do get challenging with later Acts, but over all, its pretty fun.



Rating: 9 out of 10

Buy Tin Hearts on PS5 here: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/concept/10002494