Scheduled for release in August the new Kids animated series Mermaid Magic. From multi-award-winning creator and director Iginio Straffi (Winx Club) and Emmy Award-winning animation studio Rainbow/Bardel (Rick and Morty, The Dragon Prince) comes a new groundbreaking CG-animated series.

Rainbow Studios, well known for its exceptional animation and creative storytelling, announces the upcoming release of the new animated series “Mermaid Magic” coming soon on Netflix globally this August.

With a high production budget and a vast pool of artistic talents, the show is set to push the boundaries of animated television shows, offering stunning visuals and an immersive underwater world.

The series is brought to life by a powerful production team, ensuring top-notch quality and an engaging viewer experience. Created and produced by Iginio Straffi, the visionary creator behind the globally renowned “Winx Club”. Acclaimed head writers Rich Burns and Nancy Cohen known for their work on “Spirit Riding Free” are bringing depth and hearts to every episode, and Guy Bar’ely, the esteemed showrunner of Minions and Kung Fu Panda, whose expertise guarantees a show that’s as dynamic as it is entertaining.

Mermaid Magic immerses us in the underwater world of Mertropia to follow the adventures of fearless Princess Merlinda and her inseparable friends Sasha and Nerissa. These warrior mermaids embark on an epic journey to the surface world to battle the wicked pirate Barbarossa, who is draining the ocean’s magic. The series has a dazzling blend of magic, action, humor, and emotion. It also shines a spotlight on crucial issues like ocean conservation.

“Mermaid Magic is a show that pushes the boundaries of animation quality for TV. Every frame is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, creating a visual feast that truly brings the underwater world to life. This show is not just about stunning animation; it is about compelling storytelling. Our characters are richly developed and their journeys are both relatable and inspiring. We’ve woven a narrative that captives audiences of all ages”. Commented Iginio Straffi, Creator and Founder of Rainbow . “Mermaid Magic is a perfect blend of breathtaking visuals and strong, emotional storytelling. We can’t wait for audiences to dive into this magical underwater adventure with our mermaid warriors”.

The first season of Mermaid Magic is scheduled for release in summer, and a robust licensing, marketing and digital campaign is already underway.

About Rainbow

Established in 1995 by multi-award-winning creator Iginio Straffi, t and CEO of the Group, Rainbow produces and distributes animated and Live Action contents across all audience targets and channels. First rising among the largest animation studios in the world following the extraordinary success of the Winx Club saga, loved and followed by millions, Rainbow has showcased the power to create global and classic franchises, landing yearly among the Top Global Licensors in the world with more than 500 active licenses.

Rainbow Group also includes Bardel Inc. – Emmy Award®-winning Canadian studio offering CGI and VFX animation services, and Colorado Film, Italian excellence company in Live Action production. Besides creating and distributing original content worldwide, the group reaches the global market with licensing, editorial projects, live events, and production of merchandise and toys also under license.



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