Phantom Breaker Omnia Review by Charlie Cobra Reviews

Phantom Breaker Omnia Review by Charlie Cobra Reviews

Phantom Breaker Omnia is a 2D anime fighting game developed by 5pb and MAGES and published by Rocket Panda Games. It’s available March 15th on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam. With 20 unique characters and the ability to choose between 3 different fighting styles, (Quick, Hard, & Omnia) this fighting game will have you pretty entertained. A talented cast of voice actors bring the awesomely designed anime characters to life in the story mode. And with each character you beat along the way you learn more about why they’ve accepted the man known as Phantom’s offer to grant their greatest desire and make their wish come true.


  • The fighting in this game is pretty good. It definitely gave me vibes of other super popular 2D fighting games like Street Fighter II and Marvel Vs. Capcom.
  • I really like the character designs and the different weapons and fighting styles unique to each character. Also, the way the character’s stories intertwined was pretty cool too.
  • The voice acting was superb and really helped in fleshing out the characters more than an average fighting game where the characters don’t talk much. There was also some memorable music like the opening song and the end song when you beat the story mode with a character.


  • The fighting in the game is easy enough to pick up but I felt like there was a lot of technical aspects to it that I barely scratched the surface on. It was a little confusing between the Health Gauge, Tension Gauge, The Vital Chamber and Burst Gauge.
  • I felt that some of the endings for certain characters in the story mode were anti-climactic and didn’t pay off enough.

Rating: 7


Phantom Breaker Omnia is really fun game if you’re feeling nostalgic for action of a good 2-D beat-em’ up fighting game. The awesome character designs and voice acting make it seam like this could totally be an anime. The fighting is really cool and beating friends, people online or the story mode is super fun. My only complaints are the endings being ant-climactic for some characters and the gameplay for the fighting styles being a little more technical than I expected. That’s why I give this game a 7. If you go to beat the game on story mode, make sure you stay through the credits to see some pretty funny “meme” inspired character art.

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