Interview with Evolucija

Today, we sat down with Evolucija to talk their inspiration to write music, advice for musicians, and much more! Be sure to check out the music from Evolucija on Spotify below after the interview!


What is your inspiration to write your music? Is it your

As musicians, we draw our inspiration from various sources. It largely depends on our current feelings, and this is reflected in our songs. In them, you can find our personal experiences, emotions, thoughts, joys, sorrows, and challenges. Society and social issues are also present in our songs, such as social justice, environmental issues, and equality. These are all topics that concern us. We enjoy writing about things that affect us and that we believe are important for us and our listeners. Music allows us to express our ideas and opinions in a way that can make others think.

What type of music did you listen to growing up?

Music has always attracted me and been a part of my life, even before I actively started pursuing it. I grew up in a family of musicians, so from my earliest childhood, I was surrounded by instruments and music. Music has the power to express emotions and convey messages in a way that is unique and profound. I started with the violin and later played the guitar, but the bass guitar is my greatest love. I feel immense strength and energy in the bass sound. I grew up with Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Kiss…

Is there someone you looked up as a hero?

Yes, my favorite idol is bassist Steve Harris (Iron Maiden), both as a musician and in his personal life, as someone who loves sports and a healthy lifestyle. In essence, all the members of the Iron Maiden band are role models for me as musicians and as individuals.

If you weren’t a musician, would you be doing today?

If I hadn’t started pursuing music, I probably would have engaged in something that allows me to express my creativity. Perhaps I would have taken up painting; I still do it when I have the time, as it also lets me express my emotions. In any case, art is a part of me, and I would likely have turned to another form of artistic expression if I hadn’t become a musician.

What advice do you have for our fans out there that want to create

Ones who aspire to pursue a career in music must have something unique, something recognizable that sets them apart from other musicians or bands. Band members should learn to handle criticism, as it can be immensely helpful in their progression. Highs and lows are a part of the music industry. Be patient and never lose faith in yourselves and your band, even when faced with challenges. And, of course, practice and hard work are key to a band’s success.
A piece of advice I’d offer to younger musicians is to learn more about the business side of the music industry. Beyond playing music, it’s crucial to understand what you’re signing and how marketing and promotion can be essential for success in the music industry. In my opinion, the most important thing is to never lose your passion for music, regardless of the challenges and obstacles. It’s what will drive and inspire you in your musical journey.


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