Houston Horror Film Fest Slices Into An Exciting Weekend Filled With Memorable Thrills, Casual Chills, and Horrific Films

Houston Horror Film Fest Slices Into An Exciting Weekend Filled With Memorable Thrills, Casual Chills, and Horrific Films! Houston Horror Film Fest or HHFF as we call it with DTS was exceptionally amazing this year. The team of Tony, Troy, and Scott organizes an event that rivals anything we have been apart of. Each year, HHFF makes sure you get your money’s worth when you attend their film festival.

Celeb Guests

This year, they had a pretty good lineup of guests attending the film festival. They had guests such as Billy Zane, Matthew G Taylor, Cherie Currie, Michael Hargrove, Don Yesso, Danielle Harris, Heather Matarazzo, and many more. They even had a Halloween 45th Anniversary Cast reunion featuring Nick Castle, Will Sandin, Sandy Johnson, Nancy Loomis, and more. We were very excited to see one of our favorite actresses and sweetheart Felissa Rose attend as well. She was presented with the Houston Horror Film Fest ICON award during the Film Fest Award Ceremony. An award well earned!

(photo cred: Frankyzphotography) Felissa Rose with DTS Co-Owner Daniel Rodriguez



This year, cosplayers had brought their A game! Many cosplays were so creative, so gory, and just hella cool! Our photographer / Videographer Frankyzphotography had a mission to find and photograph as many cosplays has he can during that weekend. Survey says: he hit a home run with so many pictures of cosplayers attending Houston Horror Film Fest! All photo’s are being uploaded HERE ON FACEBOOK with others on INSTAGRAM where you can tag your self or your cosplay page.

(photo cred: frankyzphotography)
(photo cred: frankyzphotography)
(photo cred: Frankyzphotography)


We were able to sit down with some amazing guests to talk horror, acting, and much more. With the SAG-AFTRA Writer and Actor Strike, we adhere to their rules on questions while also discussing matters of importance concerning the strike. Below, we have a playlist of interviews we have done for Houston Horror Film Fest 2023. We are currently uploading more at the moment and should have them all out later this week.

Interview Playlist (more uploaded soon)

Tiktok Fun


You know its going to a good after party when Don Yesso does curls using Cherie Currie and then gets the crowd going with Cherry Bomb! Houston Horror Film Fest 2023 bay bay! #houstontx #houstonhorrorfilmfest #houstonhorrorfilmfestival2023 #houston #cheriecurrie #therunaways #donyesso

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