Gamechangers: Dreams of Blizzcon Movie Review

Gamechangers: Dreams of Blizzcon Movie Review

The fog creates an atmosphere of uncertainty when viewed through the keyhole of a locked door. The tension rises when the silence is deafening to the point of milliseconds becoming hours. The keystrokes on the keyboard bounce up and down while the swivel of the mouse is gently moved. Gasps from the crowd signal the change of the atmosphere and as the fog lifts, so does the winner from the shadows in their booth. This my friends is the documentary that should be viewed by all gamers today!

Gamechangers: Dreams of Blizzcon follows two professional gamers as they rise through the ranks of Starcraft 2 in order to play on the biggest stage in the world. Blizzcon is the place to be when gaming wants to showcase the best of the best of that game. Our two gamers that are featured on the documentary open up their lives and gaming styles as we take the journey with them.

They show the viewers how they became gamers, how they enjoyed the power of Starcraft 2 and of course showcase behind the scenes of participating in Esports leagues. They showed how the levels of competition work and what they needed to achieve in order to make it to Blizzcon.

I enjoyed watching and learning more about MC and MMA in this documentary and how they continued to learn about themselves as well as the game they continue to play. Any professional gamer should watch and learn from this documentary as this showcases the lifestyle of a Esports player. I had my eyes opened as I watched this documentary and learned more about Esports from this viewing.

This documentary will be available Amazon, Google Play, and Vudu on June 12 and currently is on Apple Itunes.

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