Five Nights At Freddy’s Peacock Streaming Review

The terrifying horror game phenomenon becomes a blood-chilling cinematic event, as Blumhouse— the producer of M3GAN, The Black Phone and The Invisible Man— brings Five Nights at Freddy’s to the big screen.

I was able to watch Five Nights at Freddy’s on Peacock streaming app. The movie actually came out last evening on the streaming app, but I didn’t want to watch the movie too late. I’m not going to spoil much in this movie as it is a pretty good movie. I felt there should have been more gore in the movie but that is my opinion.

Our Thoughts


  • Story
    • Mike is a guy that is struggling in life due to the disappearance of his brother at a young age. He isn’t able to keep a job, but his job helper found him a job that will have him working nights. He starts to work at this placed called Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria as a security job during the night. While he is working, he starts dream about his brother with hopes to be able to ID the killer. Then, the animatronics at Freddy Fazbear start to be a little bit more robotic to anyone’s liking. I will stop here as the movie gets hella good!
  • Ending
    • I didn’t expect that ending! You will be SHOCKED on who this person is in relation to the movie. That is all!


  • Not Enough Gore
    • I was hoping for a bit more gore in the movie. With the name Five Nights at Freddy’s, I wanted something that resembled a nightmarish appearance. I believe there was only 2 killing scenes in the movie and to me that is not enough.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Watch Five Nights At Freddy’s on Peacock here: