Myke Towers San Antonio Concert Review

Myke Towers brought his exciting brand of music to the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, TX. A Puerto Rican rapper and singer that made his name through Soundcloud with big hits such as Diosa, La Playa, and Ganga. While waiting for the show to start, the DJ got the crowd vibing with some music that got us dancing.

Myke Towers came out to loud screams from the crowd here at Freeman Coliseum. The songs slapped hard during the concert as I couldn’t even here myself think with all the singing. Of course, I was dancing along to the music with everyone around us in our section. Our section danced and yelled hard during when Myke sang Girl. I felt during the show that Myke was looking over to my section in the crowd and pointing towards us. Our section had the most beautiful Latinas from San Antonio repping in that section.

In all, Myke Towers brought a show that captivated the San Antonio audience with high applause and fun. Many fans of Myke Towers were in awe on not only his music but the vibe he brought to San Antonio.

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