Chris Cachia Brings Out My Re:Collection Album Out now

Chris Cachia Brings Out My Re:Collection Album Out now

Chris Cachia brings out his new album titled My Re:Collection which is out now! My Re:Collection contains the written tales from Chris Cachia. Led by the song Thirteen (Thoughts), the album is filled with a musical carnival filled with beats, words, and stories. You are treated to songs such as Listen, My Addiction, My Resolve, Rumble and my favorite Street Writer. The words from Chris Cachia describes a world from the streets to the house on the hill. He speaks to you of what you need to hear and how you should hear it. My Re:Collection is an album where the music is played from dusk till dawn where each song resonates to everyone.

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my latest single, “Thirteen (Thoughts).” Along with this newest and added track, My Re:Collection compiles a trilogy of previous EPs – My Resolve, My Diagnosis, and My Addiction – to create a fully-realized yet ongoing narrative rooted in possibility, nourished through daring, and developed through survival. This collection was first conceived after managing a particularly challenging period of obsessive-compulsive disorder and advances the need to create as a means to address mental health and social justice concerns.


Here is the track listing – and length of each track – for My Re:Collection…

  1. Stop (Me) – 3.52
  2. Look – 4.09
  3. Listen – 2.33
  4. My Addiction – 3.08
  5. My Diagnosis – 3.54
  6. My Resolve – 4.51
  7. Street Writer – 3.53
  8. Elemental – 3.18
  9. Champion Rendition – 4.33
  10. Rumble – 3.15
  11. Night Less – 4.22
  12. Victory – 3.05
  13. Thirteen (Thoughts) – 4.55


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