Amazon Prime Truth Seekers Season 1 Review with Link

Amazon Prime Truth Seekers Season 1 Review with Link

The meter turns from green to bright red! The numbers are off the charts! The room starts to get chilly while Gus and the team are trying to figuring out what is going on. Gus and Elton turn to each other wondering what will happen next but a funny joke or two escape their mouths as they are trying to understand the situation. The film is edited and put on Youtube as another day on the job for the Truth Seekers.

The show is about Gus Roberts who is a broadband installer for a company called Smyle who doubles as a paranormal investigator as well. He is joined with his new partner named Elton John but Elton for short as they go to work on making sure everyone’s internet is top notch. Yet Elton is introduced to Gus’s double life of his Youtube show called The Truth Seekers which heads them to numerous places trying to get some ghosts on camera. We are also introduced to Gus’s father Richard who steals the scenes with his hilarious one liners to Gus. Elton’s sister Helen is a Youtuber that does makeup and cosplay videos. She eventually comes and helps out the guys when they need additional work on the Youtube channel. Their adventures start unraveling some new information that will turn their ideas upside down. Truth Seekers will find the the truth and be taken down the rabbit hole of what is happening to their area.

Here is our review of the series: 


  • The Story
    • The story introduced in the first episode gives us a basic understanding of the characters of the show. After a few episodes, you see the characters grow and expand as more truth comes out of each one. This gives the show additional flavor and unravels more than what meets that eye.
  • Actors
    • The actors in this new show have some amazing credits to their own helm. Nick Frost has brought some familiar faces to the screen such as Malcolm Mcdowell and Simon Pegg. He has also introduced actors/actresses Susan Wokoma, Samson Kayo, Emma D’arcy, and Julian Barratt to the show.
  • Flow of the Show
    • The flow of the show is pretty consistent throughout each episode. Each episode actually reveals a truth that has been hidden by one of the characters. Once each truth is revealed, it unravels more of the mystery of what they are really after. I enjoyed that as many didn’t realize that the characters have been lying about themselves since episode 1.


  • Not Enough Episodes: I am enjoying watching this show on a binge and it ends on the 8th episode. The ending provided a new story that I just want to know what happens next. I would like to see additional episodes for the next season as the story is fantastic. My only con for this show!

Rating:  9.5 out of 10

Truth Seekers on Amazon Prime is a unique way to look at ghost hunting from the eyes of Gus Roberts. You are thinking your are going to watch a traditional “ghost hunting” show like you mostly likely have seen in the past. But you will be wrong! You are taken into a new view of ghost hunting while unraveling the world around and within you.  The balance of comedy, story telling and horror packs a good punch for all fans.  I enjoyed the story telling of the show, the actors used, and of course the flow of the show. I really wished this show is expanded to more than 8 episodes as it could lead to a wider view of the story involved. I can’t wait for season 2 to come out and will be rewatching this show again to pick up things I may have missed from the first viewing.


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