Witness Infection movie review

As a fan of zombie movies, I loved to see how the writers and director’s creativity to make a zombie attack real in the movies. I want to be convinced and want to see if it could happen? This movie has convinced me that it can happen and to stay away from a certain food product! LOL! Witness Infection is a movie about two mob families being in the same city protected by the Witness Protection Program. One of the mob families gets into trouble with that other mob family so here is the solution…Get one of the sons to marry the daughter, unite the mob families and stop the killing! Good Idea huh?

But there is one thing stopping that? Well two…the undead and true love! This movie showcased a balanced storyline where it mixes comedy and horror. This film stars some big names in the industry which is been co-written by Carlos Alazraqui! The stars of the movie are Jill-Michele Melean, Robert Belushi, Bret Ernst, Erinn Hayes, Tara Strong, Monique Coleman and Joseph D. Reitman. From beginning to end, the movie was fantastic! You were invested in the characters, invested in the zombies, and invested on how it ended! I’m not going to spoil much but you gotta see it! This movie kicked ass!

Here is the review:


  • Good Story
    • I was coming into this film as someone that thinking it might be a low budget zombie wannabe movie. I was WAY WRONG! This movie was outlandish at times but featured a balanced story line that had you not invested in the characters of the movie. Carlo has always stayed away from the mob businesses even though its his family business. He is a dog groomer with his friend Gina while is other friend Vince made some good food. A situation has happened between his father’s mob business and another mob, where it was decided Carlo will marry that other mob’s own daughter. While Carlo disagreed with it and planned to stop it, a new taste in food is coming around everyone’s table. This food is giving people an undead look and having them hungry for brains. Carlo is trying to save himself from marrying that woman to now trying to save his friends while they try to escape the undead.
  • Funny
    • I didn’t expect to laugh a lot in this movie! The conversation the actors and actresses at the dinner table had me laughing hard and reminding me of Thanksgiving dinner with my own family. The movie, even though a horror film, still provided those essential laughs as well!
  • Blood and Guts everywhere
    • I have to say I didn’t expect so much blood and guts to be in the movie. This is a good a thing as usually a zombie movie can be tamed. Witness infection reminded me of those old school 80’s movies where you can see people guts while they are in dialogue.  I enjoyed this!



Rating: 10 out of 10