UHF Wireless Microphone System Neckband 100FT Rechargeable Unboxing and Review

Disclosure: I have enclosed an affiliate link on Amazon to be compensated from any sales from this headset.

Today we have the opportunity to unbox and review the UHF Wireless Neckband Headset System on Amazon. A welcomed needed product for myself as a podcaster and streamer. I will put this to the test as a product that I would like to have and use.

This came very swift and safely from Amazon. They were very professional on making sure my package was delivered in a timely manner.


So I was able to unbox the headset below where you can see all the goodies this came with. This headset mic has a frequency of 560MHZ to 579 MHZ, 96dB, and came with dual charging cable. This also included a lightweight receiver, cardiod mic and of course a neckband transmitter.

This worked really well when I connected it to my laptop, it self installed and then was able to record myself on OBS. I sounded so clear and clean on the laptop speakers while I talked into the mic. The neckband felt good, it kinda itched my neck for a bit but other than that, it worked very well.


Here is our Unboxing video:


You can get it on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/300zUTM