In this issue, Trent is captured and being tortured by various techniques that would make the average person scream. His captors are deciding what to do with him while he takes all the brunt force from them. He even wonders himself of what they should do with him. While that is happening, Flynn is having a hard time on his escape. He meets someone that questions everything he had once dreamed of!

I enjoyed this issue as Trent went on a powerful rant about how our world is today. How our world is being depleted of its resources and the love lost towards our planet. This gave another dimension to Trent’s character as not only being a badass but someone with an education on his surroundings. I’m very excited to see what happen’s next to him in this story.

This issue is out now! You can get it here:


(W) Mark Russell

(A) Steve Pugh

Cover: Steve Pugh