The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Joins PlayStation Days of Play, Receives New DLC

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Joins PlayStation Days of Play, Receives New DLC

This week, Gun Interactive announced a collection of updates and additions for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, headlined by the title’s inclusion in PlayStation’s Days of Play event.

Until June 6th, PlayStation Plus users can enjoy a variety of special deals, including a 60% discount on the base game, as well as discounts on DLC like the Greg Nicotero-designed Leatherface variant, Execution Packs I & II, & more!

This week also saw Gun release some brand-new content for the game: the second Connie Outfit Pack, which has some slick cosmetic variants for all the Conheads out there, and Execution Pack III, which…well, why don’t I just let the trailer do the talking.

Lastly, the Gun team released both a scheduled Update on May 28th, as well as a Rapid Patch to address issues related to Connie’s outfits. The latter of these updates is now live for all players and platforms, while you can find the patch notes for the May 28th update over at theĀ TCSM Community Hub.

About Gun Interactive
Based in Kentucky, Gun Interactive is a publisher and creative studio for interactive entertainment composed of industry veterans with unique and complementary backgrounds. The team shares a passion for horror and a vision that game development is not just the creation of a product, but the blending of art, design, and technology to produce experiences that engage and entertain players from all over the world. The mission of Gun is to create authentic interactive horror experiences and engage gamers and fans of the genre across a wide range of platforms.
About Black Tower Studios
Black Tower Studios was founded in 2012 and is based in Tokyo.

President and Creative Director Richie Casper is from Atlanta, Georgia. Although he has lived in Japan for about 20 years, he still has a southern accent, and can use English, Japanese, and Japanese with a Western Japanese accent depending on the TPO. He is not limited to the world of gaming; he also writes novels and produces music.

CTO Kohei Kamata came down from the mountain tops of Yamagata Prefecture and is a high-tech engineer with extensive experience creating console-specific game engines, dating back to the early PlayStation and up to current consoles specializing in Unreal Engine 4.


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