Texas Frightmare Weekend Presented by Arrow Video is back for blood this September 10-12, 2021 at the Hyatt Regency DFW Airport. Celebrating its 15th year and continuing their wildly popular free film festival to all TFW pass holders!


Arrow Video presents two repretory screenings of all new transfers including Death Screams and Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge plus A Ghost Waits with director Adam Stovall in attendance.
Life Insurance Lottery – A down and out loser, who dreams of life on the islands, joins a club that is the answer to his dreams; but when his friends start to die he must choose between pulling down the big bucks and bringing down a killer.
Spirit Animal – A group of twenty year old’s are stalked by a demented killer, who dresses as different animals, at a cabin on New Years Weekend. His spirit animal…is TERROR. Shot on VHS and released in Smell-O-Vision.
Rondo and Bob – Texas Chain Saw Massacre art director Robert Burns was obsessed with cult actor Rondo Hatton. Bob was a normal-looking guy who was strangely creative. Rondo was a normal guy who looked strange. Both were looking for love.
A Ghost Waits – Presented by Arrow Video – Tasked with renovating a neglected rental home, handyman Jack (MacLeod Andrews, They Look Like People, Doctor Sleep) quickly finds out why the tenants keep leaving in droves – this house is haunted. Followed by a Q and A with director Adam Stovall.
Death Screams – Presented by Arrow Video – Late one night, a young couple are brutally murdered at a make-out spot by an unseen assailant, their bodies tossed into the nearby river. As the lifeless lovers drift slowly downstream, the residents of the town excitedly prepare themselves for their annual carnival, unaware that a machete-wielding maniac with a twisted grudge is lurking in their midst. When a group of teen revellers plan a late-night after party down in the local cemetery, they unwittingly set the stage for a bloodbath. At long last arriving on Blu-ray and lovingly restored from the only-known existing 35mm print, this little-seen slasher classic is ready to carve its way into the bleeding hearts of horror fans everywhere!
The Abomination – Presented by Wild Eye Realeasing – An old woman coughs up what she believes to be a tumor. While asleep, the thing crawls inside of her son and reproduces inside him, then causes him to go on a killing spree to feed it. Followed by a Q and A with legendary SOV filmmakers Bret McCormick and Matt Devlen.
PHANTOM OF THE MALL: ERIC’S REVENGE – Presented by Arrow Video – A masked killer stalks a waitress (Kari Whitman) in a shopping mall just opened by a California mayor (Morgan Fairchild).
Short Subject Horror Film Festival

Six masterful short horror films with a wide range of subject matter.-Into Dust (2020)- When Alex receives a cryptic phone call from her older brother Gus she agrees to meet him because she fears she’ll never see him again. But he has a terrible secret, and she may be the only one who can help him before it’s too late.-Nail Gun (2021) – Three affluent men, who are responsible for the death of a girl, must survive against a killer set on revenge.

-The Knock (2020) – A young woman wakes up in the middle of the night from a knock on her bedroom door.

-Best Friends Forever (2021) – When teenage outcast Leslie mistakenly unleashes a nightmarish ghoul named Nancy, she’s forced to defeat a decades-old urban legend or face a fate worse than death: becoming Nancy’s new best friend … forever. Nancy’s back from the grave and she’s just DYING to make new friends.
-There’s a Ghost in the House (2020) – A couple’s fractured relationship is pushed to the brink when an unexpected visitor shows up in the middle of the night.
-The House Call (2020) – We meet Dr. Stevens, a psychiatrist, on her first day back to work since burying her sister; tasked with paying a visit to a radically religious family who believe their Mother is possessed, hospitality turns to contempt when the family discovers Dr. Stevens is an atheist.