Ten Forward Vodka Review

Ten Forward Vodka

For those who are fans of Star Trek The Next Generation, comes a great tasting vodka for all of Starfleet to enjoy. Ten Forward Vodka has traveled into space before being blended into stocks of the premium spirits. Ensuring each bottle contains a bit of space. It’s no Romulan Ale. 😉 Ten Forward is made from choice American Grain, distilled six times and filtered through hardwood charcoal, then delivered via the Enterprise transporter for everyone to enjoy. One of the key things you must recall is the name of the legendary ship’s Ten Forward Lounge; many considered this to be the heart of the ship. Where everyone would gather and share off-duty stories. The Ten Forward Lounge was also known for its special bartender a civilian named Guinann, an El Aurian. She had the ability to listen everyone’s problems and always served the perfect beverage.

Ten Forward Vodka was made with much care, from its design by Mike Okuda, graphic designer and Star Trek veteran. Ten Forward makes for great cocktails, well drinks and straight forward drinking. The taste is soft and delicate. Crafted in small batches for the best results. The Silver Screen Bottling Co. has again made a great idea come true but also carry other types of spirits. The James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Nuka Dark Rum, James T. Kirk Reserve, Montgomery Scott, Dutch Bourbon Whiskey, Two States Whiskey, The Fixer Blended Whiskey, Step Brothers Quality Vodka, and the new addition Continental Straight Bourbon Whiskey. We look forward to tasting them all. Special thanks to Amy from Chronicle Collectibles and Silver Screens Bottling Co. for allowing us to taste this Star Trek legacy, Ten Forward Vodka is for the Star Trek fan and the Vodka connoisseur alike.

Article written and reviewed by Bernard “B Dawg” Cruz

You can get yours from Silverscreen Bottle Company now and must be 21 and over to get it HERE: https://silverscreenbottling.com/ten-forward-vodka/