Seal Shield Launches World’s First Medical-Grade, Waterproof Keyboard with Microsoft Copilot AI Integration

Seal Shield Launches World’s First Medical-Grade, Waterproof Keyboard with Microsoft Copilot AI Integration

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.June 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Seal Shield LLC today announced the release of the world’s first medical-grade, washable, and waterproof keyboard featuring the revolutionary Microsoft Copilot AI function. The new Seal Shield keyboard will make its debut at the HLTH Europe 2024 show in Amsterdam. This combination represents a significant advancement in both infection control technology and AI integration in healthcare environments.

Seal Shield is renowned for its commitment to developing cutting-edge infection control solutions. With the integration of the Microsoft Copilot AI function, Seal Shield continues to lead the way in innovative technology. The Copilot key, a groundbreaking addition to the keyboard layout, marks the first major keyboard change from Microsoft in thirty years. Microsoft Executive Vice President, Yusuf Mehdi, emphasizes the transformative potential of this feature:

“The Copilot key joins the Windows key as a core part of the PC keyboard and when pressed, the new key will invoke the Copilot in Windows experience to make it seamless to engage Copilot in your day to day,” said Mehdi.

The Seal Shield Cleanwipe Pro keyboard, featuring the Copilot key, is designed to meet the stringent hygiene standards required in healthcare settings. It is fully submersible, dishwasher safe, and can be sanitized with medical-grade wipes. This ensures that the keyboard can be thoroughly disinfected, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and infection.

Brad Whitchurch, CEO of Seal Shield, expressed his excitement about the launch: “We are delighted to be the first to integrate Microsoft’s Copilot AI function into a waterproof medical-grade keyboard. By combining our expertise in infection control with Microsoft’s advanced AI technology, we are providing healthcare professionals with a tool that enhances both safety and efficiency,” said Whitchurch.

The new Cleanwipe Pro keyboard with Copilot AI is set to revolutionize the way healthcare professionals interact with technology, making it easier to incorporate AI into their daily workflows. This innovation underscores Seal Shield’s commitment to improving healthcare outcomes through technology. Seal Shield is now accepting pre-orders, ensuring that healthcare providers can be among the first to benefit from this forward-thinking solution.

Seal Shield is a world leader in infection control technology, waterproof keyboards and mice, medical grade screen protectors, advanced polymer materials, and UV-C Sanitization Systems for portable devices & equipment.