I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost With That Delicious Ghostbusters Coffee From Pop Culture Coffee

I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost With That Delicious Ghostbusters Coffee From Pop Culture Coffee

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost With that Delicious Ghostbusters Coffee from Pop Culture Coffee! You don’t know how excited we were to see a press release of a product that made us check under our bed for any monsters. After posting that press release, a lot of our readers were asking questions about the coffee and how good it will be. Of course, you know we would reach and see what we can do to satisfy our ghostbusting urges.

We were able to get review samples of the Ecto-Espresso Chocolate Caramel Coffee X Cold Brew and Puftmelo Vanilla Marshmallow coffee bags. Each day, I grounded the coffee beans to brew from each coffee bag. The Ecto-Espresso Chocolate Caramel Coffee was left in the fridge for a day to get that cool taste.

Here are our thoughts

Ecto-Espresso Chocolate Caramel

When you open the bag and just take a sniff, you will scream of excitement. The sweetness of caramel mixed with chocolate amped up my cup that morning. All I needed was one cup this morning and I felt like I could take on the world. The fuel from the coffee was pretty strong to the point I was dancing to invincible music. The music was in my mind though, so I was having a fun time BTW. Either way, this bag of coffee was pretty good. I dig it.

Ecto-Espresso Chocolate Caramel Cold Brew

This one tastes just like the one we brewed but was already canned and ready to drink. I made sure to have this one in my fridge for a bit before I opened it up and drank from it. You can instantly taste the chocolate more in this drink compared to the prepared coffee one. I dig this on as well due to the taste and the availability when I have time constraints.

PuftMello Vanilla Marshmallow

I have to admit this one is my favorite one! I would never thought marshmallow and vanilla would go well together. Once I took that first sip, I was shocked. My taste buds were going into overdrive on with the taste of vanilla and marshmallow together. After about two cups, I was feeling real good. I didn’t add any almond milk or sweetener at all! This cup of coffee was perfect which really shook me hard. I will be looking into getting more of this one!

Buy them here: https://www.popculturecoffee.com/products/ghostheadbundle



Who are you going to call… to take care of your coffee in the mornings? Pop Culture Coffee has answered the call and get you set up right woth such Ghostbusting flavors such as Vanilla Marshmallow and Chocolate Caramel! #coffee #popculture #popculturecoffee #ghostbusters #ghostbustersfrozenempire

♬ On Our Own – From “Ghostbusters II” Soundtrack – Bobby Brown