Rogue Company Starts Year 2, Season 1 with a New Map and Battle Pass

ATLANTA – FEBRUARY 8 – All throughout last year Rogue Company has been expanding and improving its high-octane gameplay in the style of action movie blockbusters, while also releasing six playable Rogues. On the back of it, today’s spectacular Update called ‘Neochrome’ marks the start of Year 2, Season 1.

Hi-Rez’s third-person shooter, Rogue Company, is enjoyed by more than 25 million players on PS5 as a native game, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC through Epic and Steam, and Nintendo Switch, with Cross-Play enabled between all platforms.

New Ranked Season

As of today, everyone can log in to claim last season’s Ranked Rewards and start unlocking new ones. With the reset of competitive ratings, all players get to make a fresh start and fight their way up towards the prestigious Rogue Division. What’s more, they will expand their competitive palate as King of the Hill has joined the Ranked modes.

New Map: Meltdown

To kick off Year 2, Rogue Company released the first of four new maps coming in 2022: Meltdown. Check it out in this reveal trailer.

Deep in the Arctic Circle, a covert R&D facility succeeds in creating the world’s first true Artificial Intelligence. Jackal sabotages the plant by disrupting the dormant volcano network it rests on and rigs the facility to self-destruct. Can Rogue Company prevent the Meltdown?

In this new map, verticality is key, so aim to get the drop on the enemy team – but make sure to watch out for the lava.

To celebrate the release, a limited-time thematic Bundle, the Meltdown Starter Pack, unlocks the Arctic Fire Ronin Outfit, the Dragon Scales Weapon Wrap and 300 Rogue Bucks to spend in the shop.

New Battle Pass: Neochrome

Today’s update is named after the fully mechanized Neochrome Battle Pass.

Just by playing matches, everyone progresses towards 50 levels of thematic rewards such as Wingsuits, Emotes, and Player Titles, including some for free. The Neochrome Battle Pass also introduces a new feature further rewarding dedication: the ability to buy levels with Reputation, the free in-game currency in Rogue Company.

Players can get cybernetically enhanced with Neochrome cosmetics such as the Argent Assassin Mythic Weapon Wrap – triggering reactive effects when fired – and the Mech Fighter Outfit for Chaac.

The Battle Pass Bundle, available for 1000 Rogue Bucks, instantly unlocks the Dystopian Switchblade Outfit and gives access to all progression rewards including Dark Web Vy and Laser Sight Fixer.

More Free Rewards

Year 2 elaborates on the popular Rogue Mastery system by providing additional free rewards at levels 6 and 7: an animated Avatar and Banner showcasing each Rogue saving the day. Also free, a new opt-in only feature allows players to gain Reputation by watching sponsored videos, ideal when queuing and waiting for teammates.

Project Saint improvements

In line with the Project Saint initiative started in 2021, Rogue Company keeps doubling down on quality of life and technical improvements in Year 2. The Neochrome Update brings HUD changes for increased clarity around gadgets plus a new rendering of armor, providing intel about a character’s armor level at a glance.