Roam The Hallways as Rich Lowe’s Voice Echos in the Distance

As a big fan of lyrics, I had to turn the corner and see whose voice is singing those amazing low AND high notes.

I got near where the voice became clearer, a beat starts playing nearby and when I get there, the voice belongs to Rich Lowe. 

Rich Lowe has a voice that you normally don’t hear too much these days but can belch loudly his vocals to the sky. His newest tune is called Get Enough and when you think about it, you can never get enough of the vocal styles of Rich Lowe. I am reminded of old school R&B and with the way he sings and no doubt he is the jelly to the sandwich.

His lyrics tell the story that we only see on TV today, he knows how to tell a story and draw you in and his voice dictates on the story of emotion.

Cruise to the town with this song blaring on your speakers, and light up the sky with the voice of Rich Lowe.

Need more info, check out his management’s WEBSITE Book him for your next show, next commercial, next musical date! and dig the song a lot, buy it off of ITUNES

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