Rhea Ripley Battles Her Way to Wrestlemania as 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble Winner

What Mami Wants, Mami Gets! Rhea Ripley outlast 29 other women to be crowned the winner of the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble! She was beaten, bruised, and popped back her knee as it was dislocated during the event to win the rumble!

We are huge fans of Rhea Ripley not due to her being part of Judgement Day but of her personality and aggressive nature in the ring. We are excited she earned this win to be part of Wrestlemania and can’t wait to see who she challenges for their title! I know she is going to have to pick either Raw or Smackdown women’s title, but we would love her to challenge for both at same time and be crowned the undisputed women’s champion. Like Rhea says, “What Mami Wants, Mami Gets!”


photo credit: Daniel Rodriguez


Highlights of Women’s Royal Rumble:

Chelsea Green is back to WWE and has a new record! Fastest Eliminated in Women’s Rumble History!

Damage CTRL eliminates so many during the Rumble

Roxanne Perez makes her WWE Royal Rumble debut in San Antonio

Michelle McCool being one of the legends to participate in rumble, while being in the audience enjoying the Rumble until her number was called and she came into action!

Liv being Liv

Nia Jax is back!

Picture Credit: Daniel Rodriguez https://www.instagram.com/midnightmovietrash/

Thank you to Wrestling Personality and Youtube Partner Spartaprimez for joining us at Royal Rumble 2023