Resident Evil 2 Xbox Series S Review

Resident Evil 2 Xbox Series S Review

Growing up, I enjoyed playing the Resident Evil franchise on my original Playstation. My friends and I would go ham all the time playing those games and would speedrun each game at times to get those amazing outfits and that rocket launcher on next game play. Well, I was excited to see that Resident Evil 2 was available to play on the Xbox Game Pass.

I was able to download the Resident Evil 2 game using my Game Pass Ultimate from Xbox. The game took some time to download as it was a pretty hefty but all good. I was excited to play this rendition of Resident Evil 2 on the Xbox. My excitement wore off as I played a cheap knockoff of the original Resident Evil 2 game. They had some parts of the story in the game and I know they tried to add more to it, but it just melted the magic the original had. The graphics were so amazing and I loved that about the game. The puzzles didn’t make too much sense at first while playing the game though and took some time to solve them. I enjoyed fixing the windows to prevent the zombies from coming in to the police station and that was about it. I got bored after about a few hours in to theĀ  game.

Our Thoughts


  • Updated Graphics
    • The graphics were amazing in this game! The artists created a visual that duplicated an apocalypse from the Resident Evil series. I enjoyed this part of the game which is one of the few things I enjoyed of the game.


  • Different Story from Original Version
    • I was hoping the story would be the exact same from the game I played religiously on my original Playstation. Instead, it felt like a cheap knockoff of the original game. The graphics were amazing and story was ok, but compared to THEE Resident Evil 2 I used to play as a kid, it wasn’t the same.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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