Palworld’s First Major Update will be released on June 27th, 2024 X Details and a new trailer published!

Palworld’s First Major Update will be released on June 27th, 2024 X Details and a new trailer published!

TOKYO, Japan – June 8th, 2024 – Pocketpair, Inc. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. CEO: Takuro Mizobe) has announced the release of the first major update for Palworld, its open-world survival crafting monster-collecting game.
Along with this announcement, a new trailer has been released, and applications for influencers and media to have advance access to the update are now open.

About the Sakurajima Update

This is the first major update for Palworld, introducing a wealth of new content and adventures on a new island: Sakurajima. Here are some highlights:

New Island: Sakurajima
A beautiful new island with diverse areas, including a Japanese-style environment with a shrine encircled by cherry blossoms, a mysterious swamp surrounded by giant mushrooms, a solemn and fantastical Eastern dungeon, and an eerie and ominous graveyard.

New Pals
Many completely new Pals will appear, as well as new subspecies of popular Pals such as Chillet and Katress. Lots of new skills will also make an appearance.

New Faction and Leader
The level cap for players and Pals will be raised! Equip diverse new weapons and battle new enemies. Also, a Hard Mode fight against the leaders of existing factions will be added.

Major Building Overhaul
Several restrictions on building have been eliminated and the maximum number of bases has been increased, allowing for more freedom in base construction. Many new building types, such as “Pillars,” “Glass Structures,” “Sulfur Mines,” and “Coal Mines,” will be added.
Strengthen your base… for there is a new raid as well!

New Stronghold: Oil Rig
A massive oil rig controlled by a powerful poaching group appears offshore! Engage in large-scale battles over valuable assets such as the new resource “Crude Oil.”

Player vs. player battles are finally here! Engage in epic battles featuring the Pals you have captured.

Xbox Dedicated Servers
Dedicated servers for Xbox players are finally available! Enjoy Palworld with Xbox players worldwide. Cross-play is also under development.

About Palworld
Palworld is an open-world survival crafting monster-collecting game that supports up to 32 players and is set in a world where mysterious creatures called “Pals” live.

Along your adventures, you will encounter many Pals. Capture them, make them work, fight, breed and even sell them. You can adventure in a large world alongside your Pals.


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