OWC USB-C Travel Dock Review and Unboxing

OWC USB-C Travel Dock Review and Unboxing

My team and I do a lot of traveling around the country to attend and report on the latest news during conventions, expos and much more. We have to make sure we are on our A game either during the event or back in the hotel pushing out content to our social media pages. We were able to get us a copy of OWC USB-C Travel Dock to take with us during our travels. I was quite astonished of how advanced this travel dock is and how much of a punch it casts! This even saved me during a situation where there was no WIFI and had to use the built in Ethernet port to get internet access.

We did a quick review below and an unboxing as well!



  • Small Design
    • I really enjoy the small size of the Travel Dock! This fits anywhere in my bags when I travel to various conventions in the country.
  • Charging Port for USB C item
    • This is one thing that is very cool! I didn’t realize you can use the USB C slot on the dock to charge your own devices. The charging was pretty damn quick as well. My travel charger was at 45 percent and after about 30 minutes connected to the travel dock USB C port, it went up to 80 percent and I’m like oh snap!
  • Gigabyte Ethernet
    • I didn’t realize how much I needed an Ethernet port nowadays! My laptop doesn’t have an Ethernet port which I realized at one of the events I traveled to as well as no WIFI. I was saved when the hotel room had an Ethernet connection on the wall and had to go to the front desk to “rent” a wire. Once I connected the travel dock to my laptop and have it connected to the Ethernet port, Viola! Internet is here and faster than my damn WIFI on my laptop! Good save OWC!


  • Short USB C wire
    • When I travel, there are times I have a large counter or even a mini desk in my room to use when I work off my laptop. I’m mostly on the bed when I use my laptop when there isn’t one to put my laptop on which can get a bit fussy.  I would prefer a longer USB – C wire so I may put the travel doc on the counter or somewhere else so it wouldn’t be jumping around on the bed.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Buy one here: https://www.owcdigital.com/products/usb-c-travel-dock