Outer Terror Xbox Series S Review

We were able to get a review key of Outer Terror code provided by PR Hound, on behalf of Ratalaika Games for our Xbox Series S console. The game downloaded very quick to our console as the total amount was less than 1 gig of space needed. I was able to play through all of the chapters that were available to play for 1 player. You can play with 2 players, but I was home alone and needed the scares haha. There are 5 chapters to chose from in the game and I picked one randomly and started to play.

Each chapter had a story that goes with the horror portion of the game and they were damn pretty good stories. My favorite was trying to keep the gas going, while trying to outrun these vampires. The weapons were pretty cool that you start off with in each chapter. Throughout the chapters, your able to upgrade and include more weapons for your character. This gave me a fantastic time to blow up and destroy those vampires that included a lot of gore to satisfy my scare urge. You can blow up, melt, destroy, and more at the monsters throughout each chapter. The chapter with the vampires was very creative where starting a fire to kill vampires can also heal yourself as well. A fun and exciting game for any horror fan!

Our Thoughts


  • Playable Characters
    • I was able to choose between 10 different characters to play in each chapter. I tended to keep to the character that belonged to the chapter, but I had some fun mixing it up.
  • Horror Comic Book Art
    • I felt like I was 10 again reading my comics under my blanket with my flash light. The art was fantastic and done very well for the game. You can feel the terror and excitement from the art while your playing Outer Terror. I have to admit, I felt the game resembled more of a comic book than a video game.



Rating: 9 out of 10

Buy Outer Terror on Xbox here: https://www.xbox.com/en-us/games/store/Outer-Terror/9MWLZ1G4G0LK