The Musical Party Kings in Richtaste

The Musical Party Kings in Richtaste

The empty bench is attended by a young male alone with his headphones in his ears on a sunny day. The musical talents of Richtaste are playing in his ear phones and he nods his head to the beat of the current song. He twists an unlikely left turn while sitting and his headphones are unplugged from his musical device.

The music of Richtaste is showcased to anyone needing an earful of music in the surrounding vicinity. A crowd starts coming around the young male and he apologizes for his mishap but was greeted with more questions than a simple one line sentence of OK.

The young male gave the crowd a taste of Richtaste and they want more, but What more can he tell them?

Well he can say Richtaste is on SOUNDCLOUD, they are a Swiss band, and they just like to play music!

The young male can let them know that the songs Effing July, Speech, Party King, Postcard from Heaven, and Turning Point are just amazing.

Those songs are from their album PARTY KING and should check it out as well! Check out there WEBSITE and get anything new from Richtaste!

That young male is no longer alone, and now is jamming to Richtaste with his new buddies and now they can jam to the music together!

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