Master Dater Review

Master Dater Review

When you have friends over, you need to find a way to keep them interested when they are there. Your either going to bust out the traditional karaoke machine or the gaming machine to keep their interest. Master Dater is the newest game by Cyanide & Happiness where you and several friends find that perfect date. You navigate through various head and body cards to hopefully get picked by that sexy single. We had interest in this game as this seems like a fun to play with a new take on party games.

We were able to get a review copy of Master Dater and Master Dater Expansion Uncut cards. I wanted to have the full experience of playing with friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends. So we decided to hold a small party at one of our team members house with full experience of beer, BBQ, karaoke, and gaming system availability. We used of our tables outside to play the game. We invited everyone and all to play Master Dater first and then second game we will add the expansion cards. We only have 3 people start off the game with us while others watched and learned the game play. After about an hour, we had over 6 people playing while others were waiting for their own turn of playing the game. We felt this game was going to be a hit early on but we didn’t expect nearly everyone at the party focused on the game leaving the karaoke machine and gaming system empty. Master Dater brought our friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends an opportunity to create a memory, become closer as friends (open up to new friendships) and learn to laugh again in this PC world.

Here is a quick review of Master Dater:


  • Creative
    • I enjoy a few card games here and there with friends but this one takes the cake. You, the player, are the ones that become instant creative during the game that will have you and your friends laughing hard. Everyone gets 3 head cards and 3 body cards, then someone makes the first turn as a sexy single. The sexy single draws 3 interest cards and reads out loud the cards to find someone to meet the specific interests. From then on, players will put their head and body cards to make the perfect date to fit those interests. Then everyone will try and woo the sexy single to be chosen as their perfect date.
  • Expansion Pack
    • The expansive pack is where the NSFW tags will come out in future posts haha! I enjoyed more of the adult humor using the expansion pack as I laughed hard on those type of jokes. I feel this would be perfect playing this with friends after a few drinks during a party. This will help loosen up the crowd and get everyone just chillaxing.
  • Party Game
    • This is a truly fun game that breaks the ice for friends to step out of their box and enjoy themselves. During the party, this will make sure people are interested in playing and hey, you never know what might happen with a friend or two finding someone to date. Our friends invited friends who invited other friends and when the game was going, people enjoyed themselves and felt good to talk and interact afterwards.



Rating: 8 out of 10

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