Interview with Behind Our Reflections

Interview with Behind Our Reflections

Today, we sat down with Behind Our Reflections to talk music writing inspiration, advice for musicians and much more! Be sure to check out music from Behind Our Reflections on Spotify after the interview below!


What is your inspiration to write your music? Is it your

Our inspiration to write comes from so many things!

Sometimes I imagine a music video and write the music accordingly. Fredo

What type of music did you listen to growing up?

I grew up listening to Rap and Metal!

Metallica, Linkin Park, Sum 41, film music, video game music, so many different things! .Fredo

Is there someone you looked up as a hero?

Whaaaaa this question is phew !!!

I don’t know, it’s really crazy, but I don’t have an answer to give. .Fredo

If you weren’t a musician, would you be doing today?

If I wasn’t a musician, I don’t think I would have done the job I do today.

I work today in video and music, and the music I make has a great influence on my choice. .Fredo

What advice do you have for our fans out there that want to create

Get started!

Just go ahead and ask yourself as few questions as possible!

When you have to start putting money in, you will have to ask yourself a lot, but as long as you are not at that level. don’t ask yourself any questions and go for it! .Fredo