Many Reasons Why Havoc Music Entertainment Are Stamping San Antonio Back on the Map

I have had many conversations with musicians, fans, patrons, drunk people, sober people, out of towners and more. The one thing we all agree is that music in San Antonio hasn’t been alive in many, MANY years. They all believe the music scene has been on life support as concerts and shows have become nonexistent. The resurgence of good music, good shows, good concerts, and all around MUSIC has united San Antonio as people want to see shows, see concerts, and hear music. 

Why Havoc Music? Well I heard them from a Demo CD, I got from them at a local show a while back. I thought it was interesting so when I was going home, I put the CD on in my car and was totally amazed about the sounds of the music. The combination of beats, realistic stories from the lyrics, and the smooth production value of the songs are amazing. The one thing that stand out to me was they had beats on the CD where I can start flowing myself. The beats came out good, different yet something anybody could get a pen and paper and let their creativity flow. I went online and searched more about them and was astonished at how they run there business. Not only do they make music but they MAKE music, going from the beats down to the artist, they rent and sale, QUALITY beats. There SOUNDCLOUD has so much good music on there.

I liked every page they have such as their FACEBOOK PAGE and KASE CEO page as well. They are bringing San Antonio back with their unique branding with all they can offer and check them out for beats as well, you won’t be disappointed. There should be one playing here so you can listen while you read. Enjoy them!

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