Manscaped The Lawn Mower 3.0 Review

Personal grooming is a very huge necessity many people don’t realize they need to do. The upkeep could be quite simple yet horrifying. This depends on the product you use that will do your body justice. Always remember your body is a temple that deserves to be marveled by your partner!

Manscaped is a brand that is designing products that will not only give you that best quality aspect but safe as well. Today, we got the Manscaped The Lawn Mower 3.0 to check out and review. This is our first time using a product from Manscaped so we will see how it rolls off the tongue.

Here is our review for this product:



  • SkinSafe Technology
    • Ok, my skin is very sensitive. I know when I use a certain razor, it would leave red marks that will look like a rash.  With the trimmer, it just glides so good that you feel its not doing any harm. You can put your whole trust in it while it gives you that beautiful new view.
  • Light
    • As a person that has horrible lighting in the restroom and wears glasses, this comes quite handy. I am able to see my area as the trimmer is trimming the area. I’m no longer blind to a certain extent when I’m grooming in that area. This gives me a better understanding on what I’m doing down there as well as being safe.
  • Vibrate When On
    • One aspect I like about this is the strong vibration it makes when you first turn it on. I actually like the vibration as I feel more it will shake that extra pieces off while grooming. I know people don’t want that aspect as they want to “create the perfect design” but this isn’t for your beard. This is for a place not many will see so no need to be perfect, just want the job to be done.
  • Water Proof
    • Yes please yes Waterproof. So after a good shower, I was able to put it to the test. The product was still able to work even when I was dripping water all over myself. The product still worked even with a few drops of water on there as well. There is no need to feel like your going to be electrocuted as it felt very safe.


  • NONE

Rating: 10 out of a 10.0

I enjoyed using this product from the get go from doing the unboxing to actually using the product. As a person that grooms the groin area, it can be quite difficult. I have bad eye sight as well as poor lightening in my restroom. Manscaped The Lawn Mower 3.0 provided an adequate product that helped with all those endeavors. This included having its own light in the trimmer, being water proof, and of course safe on the skin. I never expected a product to be so safe yet so gratifying for our body. I truly feel like my groin was treated like a temple today by using this product.

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    I love the style of this and great features. definitely a nice stocking stuffer here..

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