Lights, Camera, and Action With The Drop The Spotlight Team During SXSW 2024

Lights, Camera and Action with Drop The Spotlight Team during SXSW 2024! Vic, Bernard, Frank, Miranda, Nick and Austin’s own Gillian Aprils descend into SXSW to showcase the best of SXSW 2024. First things first, we are collaborating with Twitch partner and model Gillian Aprils for SXSW 2024 Austin. You can follow Gillian Aprils on Instagram and Twitch!

On Saturday, We arrive to the convention center around 10am to get Frank and Gillian their badges for SXSW 2024. Once situated with our badges, we walk around the convention to get our drinks and photo ops at the SXSW Press room.

Once done, we looked at our schedule and knew where we wanted to go to but first, we needed a way to get there. We were able to take the shuttle half way to the Prime Video Fall Out area. During the shuttle, we were able to see Conan O’Brien walking around the streets of Austin. I didn’t get a picture, but was shocked that he was up this early haha. Once we got to our stop, we continued on for the next 10 mins of walking to the venue. Yes, I got my exercise and yes I stretched before our walk.

Prime Video Fallout

We make to Hotel San Jose where Prime Video’s epic Fallout Activation is held at. We were given a tour of the venue Fallout style and given instructions on how to handle our trading of the caps. We were given Nuka Cola bottle caps to collect and trade with others to gain items such as Fallout brand coffee. We continued to collect bottle caps, while we explored the Fallout area. We lassoed us some steers and shot at some gruesome figures. In the end, our team secured multiple bags of Fallout Coffee to enjoy.  While we were there, Gillian was able to try out some Nuka Cola. She describes the taste as an experience that any fan would enjoy.

50th Anniversary Texas Chain Saw Massacre


Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Texas Chainsaw Massacre at SXSW in Austin with leatherface and Gillian Aprils! #sxsw #sxsw2024 #texaschainsawmassacare #horror #horrortok @Gillian Aprils

♬ The Leatherface Theme (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Bullet Shields

On our way back to Rainey Street, we were saw something deliciously horrific that made us hungry for some BBQ. We saw Dark Sky Film’s area for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 5oth year anniversary celebration. While we were there, we witnessed this artist creating a Leatherface portrait in ice using his trusty chainsaw. You can feel the splash of melted ice falling onto you skin like it was real blood from one of Leatherface’s victims. We were able to get some shots of Gillian next to this masterpiece.

Paramount Plus The Lodge

Next, we ventured to the Paramount + The Lodge activation on Rainey Street. When we got inside, we saw some of our favorite shows and movies on Paramount Plus come to life such as Star Trek, SpongeBob, Halo, Mean Girls and much more. We were able to get some delicious Mean Girls drinks from the Mean Girls area. Then upstairs, we took a very galactic picture onboard the Enterprise from Star Trek. Lastly, we hung out in one of the rooms of Paramount and just relaxed. The area was very comforting and people were so friendly when we talked with them.


photo credit: Frank Zamarripa


photo credit: Frank Zamarripa




Audible had a daytime carnival time that brought the child out of each of us. Yes, I scarfed down a lot of cotton candy and ice cream paletas as well. Frank, Miranda, and Gillian were able to ride the Ferris Wheel as I stood with Bernard and Nick as we waited for them. I just ate so I couldn’t risk throwing up everywhere while riding a Ferris Wheel :)! We were greeted with a ton of fun things to do at Audible such as throw a ball through a hole, get you headset hanged up, and much more. I failed at each one but the team had better success than I did haha.

Where else did we go?

After Audible, we walked around downtown Austin to find the next cool spot or spots to hang out as team. We went to Antone’s to the University of Texas Longhorns area and hung there for a bit. They had some fantastic Dippin Dots ice cream that I enjoyed greatly. Then we went and got in line for the industry after party. I didn’t have much fun there and felt I may gotten food poisoning from the food they had there. Boo, I know! We went back to Paramount as that was the place to be for us. We hung out drinking with each other talking about the day we had and continue to have. We made memories this day at SXSW 2024 that we will cherish and build for many more to come.