Last Of The Irin Volume Two Graphic Novel Review

As my eyes are glued to my laptop screen, I read this graphic novel to see where the story takes my imagination. I enjoy reading stories about alternative history and how history was shaped that isn’t written or spoken out loud. This next volume in the Last Of The Irin series gives your heart an extra boost of racing when you read the pages. I’m enjoying the story with the absolute best art in graphic novels today!

I’m not here to spoil the story, but I have to say, you must go read this story! Every Wednesday, there will be new pages coming out on the website for fans to see what is next in the story! Be sure to click HERE to read more of what is to come!

Here is the review:


  • Story
    • We start off in the past for this journey to witness the rise of a new King in the ancient lands. The new King has bring back the power of Marduk and the religion behind it. While that new King is starting off a new journey, we read as how the people are not wanting him in that spot. They see him not as royalty but as someone that just came to be with the crown. While that story is going on, we are taken to the future as things are settling down from Volume 1’s crazy ending. Many groups of people are looking for Wariq and Anahita, so the story continues with them going after the gold in the area.
  • Art
    • The art throughout this serious is seriously straight out of a museum! I’m enjoying the various colors they used on the characters to bring them to life. This gourmet of amazing art had myself imaging I’m exploring a live action animated show. The team who created this graphic novel art wise did an amazing job!
  • History:
    • This next volume for Last Of The Irin continued on the various historical references presented in the graphic novel. You will be transported to different parts of eras in history before seeing the story unfold more in the future. The glimpses with the history marks on how much influence the situation with Baal and Yahweh have between families.



Rating:  10 out of 10

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