Konata Small x Disciple Theory new track With A Bang is out now!

Konata Small x Disciple Theory new track With A Bang is out now!

Konata Small has quickly made himself renowned with his groundbreaking fusion of gospel, soul, and hip-hop. He now unveils his latest sonic masterpiece in collaboration with powerhouse producer Disciple Theory, ‘With A Bang’.

The South Florida-based rapper Konata Small is best known for his credits on various platforms from Call of Duty, Fortnite, SEGA, Valorant, Disney+, CBS, NFL, and HBO. Following years of collaboration with Los Angeles sync agency Lyric House, he has secured campaign after campaign dominating the trailer hip-hop scene.

In 2019, Konata Small partnered with Fortnite on the massive hit song “Ruckus”. With millions of plays total, the song—which was also featured in the game’s Chapter 2 trailer—became one of Epic Games’ biggest releases. “Ruckus” was the most searched song on Shazam and was included in several playlists on Spotify and Apple Music. International DJ Diplo chose “Ruckus” as his first musical pick for Monday Night Football on ESPN. Konata has also been featured on XXL, Genius, and Cheddar News, among other platforms.

His latest offering ‘With A Bang’ merges hip-hop, gospel, and cinematic soundscapes while captivating listeners. The musical production embodies the genre-bending sounds of Kendrick, Labyrinth, Kanye, and Jay Z.

On the release, Konata Small comments, ””With A Bang” is a song that speaks on the beginning of things. One of the pivotal moments in my life happened in Brooklyn, New York. This was when I was a bystander to a shootout as a preteen. The event was the catalyst for change that eventually moved me to South Florida which is where I met God, and where I was introduced to the talent that I yield now in Hip-Hop as an artist/songwriter/rapper. So for me, it all started with a bang. This is my story.”

“With A Bang” displays Konata and Disciple Theory’s ability to push boundaries and discover new musical frontiers.