Jeff’s Pizza Club: Open for Business. New Screenshots, Video and More with 80’s Website ARG

Jeff’s Pizza Club: Open for Business. New Screenshots, Video and More with 80’s Website ARG

[Pittsburgh, PA June 12, 2024] – Jeff’s Pizza Club is open for business today! Jump into the authentic 80’s official website ARG launches today at 2 PM EST. Find the Username and PAssword for the Employee Page, Find the 8 Codes, and Decrypt them to enter the ballpit Page. Fans who solve the puzzles will unlock new rewards such as screenshots and never before seen video for Into the Pit.

We are also revved up for the upcoming Steam release coming soon.

Fall into the pit and immerse yourself in a new chapter in the Five Nights at Freddy’s universe. Oswald longs for excitement in his mundane life, and his wish takes a terrifying turn when he ventures into a ball pit at a dilapidated pizzeria, transporting him into the past. However, Oswald’s desires come with an unexpected price.

Survive five nights of terror in this chilling adventure game. Travel through time to solve puzzles, gather clues, and outrun the threat chasing you through both universes. Move swiftly and stay hidden, and you may just survive—but this time, it’s not just your own life that is on the line. Oswald’s father and five children from the past could all meet their end if you don’t save them.

Key features:

  • Experience the pulse-pounding adventure of a beloved entry in the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, Into the Pit.

  • Solve satisfying puzzles intertwined with an adrenaline-fueled story.

  • Test yourself or take it easy in Hard and Casual modes with varied difficulty.

  • Try to save your friends, your family, and escape with your life.

  • Uncover secrets in Fatal Minigames.

  • Discover different endings.

  • Escape the clutches of the animatronic creature wrecking havoc across time.

  • Dive into a classic horror adventure game in its entirety, packed with agency and Easter eggs.

For more information on Five Nights at Freddy’s Into the Pit and to stay updated on the latest news and announcements, check out the Steam page.


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