Interview with SEDATE ILLUSION

Interview with SEDATE ILLUSION

Today, we sat down with Sedate Illusion to talk music, fun stories in the recording studio and much more! Be sure to check out their music below after the interview!


How did you get your start in music?

In 2004 there was an idea with a dear friend to take all the “music leftovers” of our band, at the time, and create an instrumental band, called Sedate Illusion.

What type of music did you listen to while growing up?

The first bands that I listened to  were mostly metal music, such as Metallica, Scorpions, Rage, Savatage, Kreator, Dark Tranquility, Therion and many more bands from the 80s and 90s.

What are fun stories you can share while you’re in the studio recording music?

One time the drummer recorded one song dressed as a horse , because he had to go to a party afterwards. It was impossible for us to keep a straight face all the time.
What is your latest song or album you can share with us?

Our latest single song called “Stars” is already out on Spotify and on Youtube.
And our latest album called “Sedate Illusion” will be available on multiple platforms on 7 September of 2022

Where can our fans find you on social media for any music updates?