In Vitro Graphic Novel Review

A very personal new graphic novel from Humanoids that takes a look behind the curtain on how folks are trying to having children in today’s age. Many people these day’s are having trouble getting pregnant and with this character, you see his ups and downs of wanting a child. He talks about his relationship with his father and how complicated it was for him growing up.

The main character also talks about learning new terms and terminology from going to these doctors. He was panicking on what he had read online that he had to relearn the information from doctors on the correct terminology of the symptoms. This story provides a good look on how some people that do struggle to get pregnant but are learning more about themselves in the process.

I enjoyed reading this graphic novel as I learned more about infertility among many people and how they coped with their situation. They have amazingĀ  friends that are there for them and as well as they are there for each other. The main characters don’t give up but find ways to solve their program to one day get pregnant.

You can get In Vitro graphic novel from your local comic stores on March 31 or you can order online HERE