Hitman Freelancer PS5 Review

We been Hitman fans for many years as we grew up as fans of Agent 47. When we heard IO Interactive was bringing a new mode for gamers, I was both intrigued and interested! What got us more excited was that IO Interactive and Keymailer invited us to review the new Hitman:Freelancer! I was ecstatic as not only being chosen for the review but as fans of the game and its history and of course we fangirled hard! We made sure our PS5 controller was fully charged and got ready to download the game to our system. The game downloaded pretty fast to our console and loaded fast well!

Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this product from https://keymailer.co


  • Contracts
    • We never been challenged so much in a game than completing the missions to earn that contract. You will EARN it! I enjoyed it as it didn’t pull any punches and had you going to various places to get those kills. You would have to find those key members to kill from that syndicate until you get to the final mission which is usually the leader. You make sure to kill that leader at the end to earn your contract.
  • Levels
    • The levels come from various past Hitman games so there is a bit of nostalgia that did hit us! The behavior of a lot of the NPC’s walking around is very interesting. This corresponds to the well done and reimagined levels by the team at IO Interactive. This brings out the very best of the levels and gives it more of that immersive taste.
  • Graphics
    • Very well detailed and showcased during each level played in the game. The art team at IO Interactive did an amazing job making sure the the graphics look so lifelike. You felt like your there as Agent 47 enjoying the view while at the same time planning who to kill next.



Rating: 9 out of 10

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