Hill Country Comic Con Provided A Paradise For Families To Enjoy

The sun has risen on this special morning over Texas and many people where busy getting things ready. The people you maybe thinking are the ones at the Hill Country Comic Con getting things ready for a busy weekend in New Braunfels, Texas. The people I’m thinking though are the ones that are getting themselves and their children ready for a wild ride today. The parents are excited to relive some fun aspects of their childhood as fans of XMEN: The Animated Series and of course introduce their children to a new facet of imagination.

From the moment the doors opened and we were allowed inside, the atmosphere was so friendly, so happy and so inviting for everyone attending. The hallway had cosplayers welcoming everyone and were available for photos.

here is Miss Madison Cosplay


The artists showcased a creativity that is unheard off and had children’s eyes lighting up with the depth of imagination displayed.

art by T.Schlossberg Fine Art


The XMEN: The Animated Series had their first reunion in nearly 25 years and they were the talk of the town. A few of them including Beast voice actor, George Buza, is making their first con appearance.

Pictured L to R: Bernard, Eric Lewald, George Buza, Julia Lewald, and Vic


Outside the door, they had some great cosplay groups playing games with families, showcasing some of their alter ego’s for some good photos and of course bringing smiles to families at the event.

Here is Vic with members of Cap’s Crusaders


Here are members of Cause-Players Alliance


Hill Country Comic Con has provided literally a paradise for families and people attending this convention. There is something for everyone to see and enjoy at the event. There were so many memories made during this convention and smiles from not only from the children but for the people attending this event.