Guardian Dragon Lighter Review

Guardian Dragon Lighter Review

The holidays are coming up and you will need something that will excite someone with a gift. What kind of gift you maybe thinking? Well…a gift that will light up their smile and conquer the skies of the world. Yes, ton of puns there!

Medieval Collectibles have a ton of cool products on their website for fans of anything from the era of the Renaissance. You will be excited with some of the most creative items they have there that you must own. Well, we found something very unique yet would be awesome for anyone that collects or goes out camping that will need a light. We found this awesome Guardian Dragon Lighter that they have on their website. We were able to get a hold of the lighter and do a review with a quick unboxing.

Here is the review:


  • Zippo
    • I am a huge fan of Zippo Lighters and when I opened the package with that Zippo logo baring down my soul like a warm flame to my heart. I felt that with the legendary status of Zippo on a creative brand such as a medieval item is just badass!
  • Dragon Design
    • When I first saw this product on their website, I had to admit, I was in awe of the design. The dragon looked superior not only from the images but once hold it, gives you an incredible feeling. I felt like I was able to conjure and control a dragon with the stroke of my thumb. The design looks incredible that made it look like a stature in stone. Very impressed by the design!
  • Collector Item
    • The Guardian Dragon Lighter is something you won’t see at a store or at a random place. The Lighter is only at Medieval Collectibles where you can find and get this collectible item. This is something you can take with you out to the bar with friends or light up a fire in the woods while telling stories.



Rating: 10 out of 10

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