Echo Generation: Midnight Edition Ventures into Suburbia on PC, Nintendo Switch Today

Echo Generation: Midnight Edition Ventures into Suburbia on PC, Nintendo Switch Today

TORONTO – June 19, 2024 – Echo GenerationMidnight Edition, an overhaul of the award-winning turn-based adventure from developer Cococucumber, battles suburban nightmares on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch™ today with a 10% launch discount for two weeks.

A long summer awaits Dylan and his neighborhood pals until a mysterious crash rocks the cornfields, prompting a series of bizarre events all over Maple Town. Even stranger, not a single adult has noticed or seemed to care. It’s up to Dylan and his mischievous crew to investigate these mysteries and unravel a deep conspiracy before school starts in the fall!

Explore every inch of the charming Canadian suburb. Gather clues by speaking to lovely but somewhat strange locals. Hunt for useful items and stuff them in your backpacks for tricky encounters. Burn rubber (soles) on the way to a rickety junkyard, snoop around the basement of the neighborhood creep, and battle monsters standing in the way of the truth!

Face supernatural beasts haunting the town’s darkest shadows in action-packed turn-based combat. Human-sized rats, fire-breathing animatronics, zombie werewolves, and turf-guarding raccoons challenge the squad at every turn. Recruit more buddies around the block — human, furry, metallic, or otherwise — to form an unrivaled monster-busting team!

A reimagined Maple Town awaits in the fully overhauled Midnight Edition. Enjoy stunning visual upgrades, battle enemies with ease thanks to new combat updates, stay hot on the trail with a quest log, and save some steps with fast travel, among other quality of life improvements and upgrades.

Echo Generation’s coming-of-age story, inspired by the cozy Spielbergian classics of the ‘80s and ‘90s and mashed with the horror novels of the same period, all comes together thanks to Cococucumber’s signature voxel art style and Pusher’s synthwave soundtrack. The nostalgia of yesteryear brings a familiar touch to Echo Generation’s whimsical yet chilling atmosphere.

“Grab your Switch and embark on an epic adventure filled with action and supernatural,” said Martin Gauvreau, Game Director of Echo Generation. “Get ready to meet talking animals, venture into top secret labs, and unravel a conspiracy in what feels like the most unforgettable–and nostalgic–summer since we were kids.”

Echo Generation: Midnight Edition will be available today on PC via Steam (10 am PT / 1 pm ET / 7 pm CEST) and Nintendo Switch™ for $24.99 (NA at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET / 6 pm CEST); EU and Australia at 6 am PT / 9 am ET / 3 pm CEST), with a two-week launch discount of 10%. It supports French, Spanish (European), Spanish (Latin American), German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Ukrainian, Polish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, and Korean languages.

To learn more about Echo Generation: Midnight Edition, visit the game’s official website and investigate their TikTokTwitter, YouTube, and Instagram pages.

About Cococucumber

Cococucumber is a Toronto-based indie studio led by Martin Gauvreau and Vanessa Chia to develop and publish original games for PC and consoles. Titles by Cococucumber include narrative puzzle-platformer Planet of the Eyes, voxel dungeon crawler Riverbond, fantasy adventure Ravenlok, and award-winning turn-based adventure Echo Generation.