11 bit studios’ Creatures of Ava Launches August 7th on PC and Xbox Platforms

11 bit studios’ Creatures of Ava Launches August 7th on PC and Xbox Platforms

Warsaw, Poland – June 19th, 2024 — 11 bit studios is delighted to announce the upcoming launch of Creatures of Ava, a unique “creature saver” game co-developed by Spanish studios Inverge Games and Chibig, on August 7th, 2024. Coming to PC and Xbox Series X|S, players will be enchanted by the cozy charm of its unforgettable species, which they will strive to preserve as they explore a mysterious planet burdened with a life-consuming virus.

Accompanying this announcement is a short video showcasing some of these curious creatures in their natural environment.

In Creatures of Ava, the player’s goal is to tame, befriend, and save—not capture—the many unique species they will encounter. Featuring a non-violent combat system and four distinct, vividly radiant biomes to explore, Ava is a planet in peril slowly decaying under the pressure of a mystical infection called ‘The Withering’. Players take on the role of bright-eyed adventurer, Vic, and must investigate Ava’s vibrant landscapes while taking action to save its existence and the existence of all its inhabitants.
But what does it mean to truly save something? While our human inclination is to protect the weak and aid the vulnerable, will players dare to let go in the face of adversity when the struggle becomes too much? It’s up to players to understand and stop the epidemic inflicting Ava and know when to swallow the bitter taste of walking away.

Creatures of Ava, co-developed by Spanish studios Inverge Games and Chibig and published by 11 bit studios, will be released on August 7th for PC and Xbox Series X. From day one, the game will also be available on PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass.

About 11 bit studios

A collective of talented developers and skillful publishers reaching millions of hardcore gamers all driven by the creation of meaningful entertainment. We’re seeking experienced dev teams to form publishing partnerships with – teams with which we share an artistic sensibility, and the desire to create thought-provoking games while maintaining a smart business approach to the process.

About Chibig

Chibig makes cozy and cute games for everyone, combining farming and relaxing adventures settled in fantastical worlds full of wonder. Chibig doesn’t develop only games, we are creating a universe, and you will have to take care of it. We started our journey in 2016. At first with small mobile games which were the spark of this universe.

After the humble success of these games, the universe was expanded with the release of Deiland: Pocket Planet and Summer in Mara. More charming and compelling tales are about to be discovered in upcoming projects.

About Inverge Studios

We met in college. After finishing our studies, we decided to join forces so we could continue doing what we were passionate about, and what we excelled at: developing videogames. And we called it Inverge Studios.

Until today we have developed and published awesome games on PC, consoles and mobile. We like to create highly polished games with entertaining mechanics.
Now that we are consolidated in the industry, we are developing our most ambitious title to date.