Dre Dope Brings Back Hip Hop to the Yellow Brick Road

Music today on the radio is literally manufactured pots and pans where a person tells you that you should love this song.

No one should ever tell you to love a song, your heart and soul will give you the breathe of fresh air when you hear the beat, hear the words, hear the strums in the song of air.


I have been amazed when I heard Warm Gun because I have to keep listening it over and over. The song brings me back to a time where I felt hip hop was not only more respected but able to relax to. Do it in the road is something that to me seems real jazzy, something old school and the beat is off the charts. When you have a chance check them out and enjoy some real good music.

Want to hear more music? Check out Dre Dope’s REVERBNATION¬†and enjoy the sparks and starter of something epic.