Down For Your Love by Paul Asher is Available Now

Paul Asher has a new song that is available now on Spotify. The song is called Down For Your Love and the flower in your life will enjoy it. You will be enamored by the lyrics that Paul showcases in the song and gives you a fun way to sing along as well. When I closed my eyes, I imagine just running into a field with the love of my life while this song played in the background. This song could be the soundtrack of our fun we all have been searching for.

I enjoyed listening to this song as its very catchy and bouncy. You want to get bouncy just by listening to this song and smile to the lyrics. Paul’s voice is very harmonic and you want to sing along with him as well. Take a ride with Paul Asher and check out his latest hit!

Check out the song below:


(Songwriting: Paul Asher& Toby Gardner)
(Production: Ryan de Gold)

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