Call of Duty Modern Warfare Open Beta Xbox One Review

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Open Beta Xbox One Review

As a huge fan of the Call of Duty franchise, I love to play the newest games from Call of Duty. Today September 21, they had an open beta for all fans to try out the newest incarnation for Call of Duty on Xbox One. You must have Xbox Live in order to get this open beta. I was able to clear some space and download this beauty to my Xbox One! This will be a quick review of the game we played but today, I was able to play one of THEE best Call of Duty games in YEARS!

The controls are very smooth playing as you are adjusting to your character. You start off with Multiplayer and then I went to Ground War. The ground war map is just freaking amazing! Even though, I kept respawning and being blown to bits but it was very good. We were in Domination, a fan favorite of ours and we enjoyed it. One of the fun perks I enjoy from this game is where you get to respawn. You can respawn in an area where your team is there and you can just move around and have some fun.

There are Tanks, drive able ATV’s, Snipers and just everything you would want in a Call of Duty game done right!

This is just a quick review but so far, this game has exceeded all my expectations. I was able to play with excitement and keep wanting to play longer in the game. I had to pull myself out of the game to get a Diet Coke and some cupcakes though, you know, to re hydrate. This is a step in a great direction for Call of Duty and is an evolution from the past fun map Nuke Town. I feel this is Nuke Town but 100x more fun.

You can watch our first time playing the game on Twitch! Vic was able to stream the game on his Xbox One and just be destroyed by everyone! Watch as he noob is way to the end!  We will be streaming more on Twitch the new Call of Duty Game and come out and check it out!

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