At Sundown Review

At Sundown is a hide-and-seek multiplayer shooter where being in the dark is your greatest advantage as 4 players compete in various deathmatches. This game is one of the most unique games I have played in a while. With darkness as your greatest asset and light as your biggest enemy, it is one of the best features the game has to offer, and once you throw in being able to shoot your enemies then it really becomes an incredibly fun time.

Based on my play experience, the game can be played in two ways: stealth-like or going all in guns blazing. You can use the shadows to your advantage and choose your shots wisely or just go crazy and shoot at everything in your sight. There’s something about the graphics of the game that I simply enjoy and lets me sit down and play for hours. I particularly enjoy how the game doesn’t simply throw you into the fray of things; you can sit down and play through some tutorials that are offered several times and hone your skills with each weapon that is at your disposal to where you can play with any with ease or become a master of one.

My personal favorite in the game has to be the shotgun; with being able to kill multiple players at once with a single shot is simply perfect for my play style. Another feature that the game offers is that it is controller compatible which is great because in games like this I don’t want to use a keyboard and mouse to dominate my competition, I’d much rather sit back with a controller in hand and play my heart out. There was no advantage with playing with the controller so that shouldn’t discourage those who choose to play with mouse and keyboard. The only real downside I found in the game was you had to hold a particular button in order to see yourself in the dark: although that is merely personal preference with not wanting to hold a key down while using the controller. I can honestly see myself sitting down and playing this game with my friends and going for those kill feeds and I can’t wait until the game is more accessible for people on other platforms so I can hone my skills and get better at the game