Artist Of The Month October 2016

Artist Of The Month October 2016

When you dream of being the star of the show, that unique ability to steal the show is hard to come by from many artists, musicians and more. Many individuals have trouble getting the crowd awake and interested on what you are trying to showcase to the fans. One person showcases her art through cosplay and has earned her a very notable recognition of being Artist of the Month for October 2016!


Christina McDaniel is a cosplayer from Houston, TX that accelerates her ideas with positive vibes and a show stealing smile. She commands the crowds with her imagination and builds a show with her artistic approach.


She is very depth with the crowds and brings happiness to fans at conventions and at events. She is a great ambassador for companies and their products and with local businesses as well.



You should follow her FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and PATREON so you can know which events she will be at, which events you should be at, and for people that would love to book her can reach her.

The shorts and tank is Barri Media and Elektra is Alex+Diana Photography