Artist of the Month November 2016

Artist of the Month November 2016

Creativity is key to engage anyone’s mind for more than nano seconds a person will spend looking at something. You will need to think outside the box and create a visual where the destination is a tropical paradise. This artist has created a visual masterpiece with her artwork and her creativity.

Drop The Spotlight is proud to announce November 2016 Artist of the Month to Masha.

Masha is a model that literally takes the term model, ripped it to shreds and recreates the term model in her own way. She uses her body to create a visual artwork of creativity.

Photographer : J Alan Shelton

She travels the world to meet her fans and create visual interpretations of her artwork through the local history of the area.


Masha is a figure at comic cons as well as she creates a stunning display of her costumes and brings the character to life through her amazing personality. She enjoy meeting her fans and loves when the fans enjoy her cosplay as well.


When you have a chance visit Masha’s FACEBOOK PAGE, TWITTERINSTAGRAM and get her prints from PATREON to see more of her creativity through her eyes. Enjoy the journey when you do, she will help elevate your understanding of courage with the snap of a picture.